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Prime Minister of the two governments

Prime Minister of the two governments

Prime Minister of the two governments

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    Prime Minister of the two governments
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    Bright moon Jianjia
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    Wine Novel
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2022-09-22 16:38:56
The two governments, the political affairs hall and the Privy Council, and the Minister of justice, kill the ear. Since the Song Dynasty, there has been only one person who is the official of the two governments< br> Liu Gong kept secret of Yunqing, with the word Yuanshan ……< br> At the beginning, it was a prefecture and county, prospering the border. Teach barbarians and turn people into cities. They are connected by paths and rivers and seas. A hundred wastes bring prosperity, introduce Tianzhu cotton, prosper longitude and weft, and become Kyushu clothes and quilts... After the promotion of the center, Huairou the world, do not suppress mergers, do not block the long mouth of the world. Promote business travel and encourage Haimao. The animal hair of Khitan is used to enrich the longitude and latitude of the country. Strike the salt law and accept the party, promote tea and horses and accept the Northern Kingdom... Public taste said: "half a thread, one warp and one weft, one warp and one weft, the art of weaving! This is the best way to enrich the people and strengthen the country!" after success, he retired, thrived the warp and weft, and the machine for making steam

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