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Start with the sages

Start with the sages

Start with the sages

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    Start with the sages
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    Clown in the corner
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    Weixin Book
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2022-09-23 14:13:08
Serious version: Chen Yan: "Chen Mo, I'll practice boxing to support you!" after practicing boxing, Chen Yan said: "so comfortable, so tired, no desire and no desire." Chen Mo: "indifferent face." Chen Yan rubbed his small hands and looked at the tiger demon in front of him: "Chen Mo, roll it!" bang! The bloody fireworks burst Ding, read Chen Yan online outrageous version: ten thousand years ago, an ordinary man and his army launched a new race under the stars, leaving only one fist and one sword to pass on to the world twenty years ago, an alcoholic cut off the river of time with a sword in the air a group of fish jumped from the long river of time and fell on the origin. A special fish lived with three children by the long river and became a teaching craftsman when I looked up, I saw the starry sky was dead, and everything I saw and heard was false many years later, Chen Yanxing walked on the river of time and reached out to touch the stars. There was no one in front of him, no shadow behind him, and there was no origin in the starry sky this book is also known as: start with rolling cats My working career 36 tips for life.

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