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Covenant: Alien chaos

Covenant: Alien chaos

Covenant: Alien chaos

Rating: 9 / 10 from 9099 ratings
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    Covenant: Alien chaos
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    Weile Yanran
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    Weixin Book
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2022-05-14 04:06:27
The man with long black hair grew up in the "exile prison" when he was young... he was born as a false teacher God. What matches him is the background of God and extremely heavy responsibility... the emergence of aliens and the emergence of space earthquake are not accidental spirit world? Divine Divinity? People don't believe these things, but they really exist... are the twelve demons to save or destroy them If dawn doesn't want to think about these problems, he doesn't know that the eleven poems in front of him actually imply his future... may I be like a star, like the moon, and bright at night the snow and ice are lonely, the orchids are killing the wind, and the stars are burning in the swallow the blood kills the angry rose flowers, and always protects the dawn and the Yan sky the strings of the sunset sound far away, and the beauty holds the jade in her hand the flames are like flowing fire in the South sky, looking at Ling Yueyan in the distance the white kite falls into the sky and crosses the East China Sea, incarnating as a fairy gull carrying clouds the leaves are quiet, the moon is full of silver, and the flute is silent Yuanmen's coming and going are all dreams, and the evil heart will eventually come to dust Where is Si Yu? Nirvana is the future purple gold, European air and Dongyang come, travel all over the world, and the Phoenix will return the sky is too late to think, and finally laments that your partner is not Wanxin.

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